And Now…We Go Here…

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So, you finally find yourself emotionally balanced, after the most recent of life’s upheavals, and you start to think about rejoining the rat race, of getting your life back on track.  You’ve ditched the old you; the old life; the career; the baggage, and you stand, facing an open road; turns to the left of you, turns to the right, and here you are stuck in the middle, with me.  What happens now?

If you are lucky there is already something you fancy trying or becoming and, in which case, your path will be clearly sign-posted.

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For some of us our sign-posts are not so helpful.

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I don’t believe in going backwards in any respect; be it a job, a relationship, a home; you can never recapture what has been lost.  I have known friends that have forgiven betrayal and returned to their partners.  I have a friend who believed that returning to a home in which her and her partner enjoyed their happiest times, would reignite their failing relationship.  I have known someone to return to a job because it felt safe, one that they had previously left because it made them miserable.  In each case, none of them had success.  The relationships still broke down and ended; the work still brought misery.

Every dawn brings change, seen or unseen; experiences further define us.  Even these words I write are moulding my character as I type; I am different now because of my own musings than I was when I sat to begin writing this a few minutes ago. We cannot undo what has been done, said or thought, we can only absorb these changes, regroup, and move forward.

So we’ve ruled out one potential direction; this is, at least, good start!  We know, no matter what happens, in whichever direction we travel from here, changes lie ahead.  <sigh>  Where do we begin though?

In truth I think all of us have an inkling of what we were put on this Earth to do.  I believe we all have a purpose; be it a particular vocation; to be a good partner; a life saver; a parent; we all have our roles.  For some it is mapped out so clearly, for others it’s a battle of questions, uncertainty and of self doubt; but not forever.   Never be too quick to declare your unhappiness at life whenever a negative event unfurls; it all happens for a reason.

The glorious effect of time rewards us with clarity; the more patience you have, the sooner it seems that you arrive on the road you were destined for.  All the experiences you have had, regardless of how tragically painful, or inexplicably beautiful, will have provided you with the tools to fulfil your destiny.  If you just give it enough time the right path will lay itself out before you, ready for your first step towards your fate.

Have faith!

JG 10.11.13