Ah…………young online(?) love!

Upon leaving Brightonia last weekend I bore witness to a rare treat, something one usually only gets to see on television; the first meeting of newly forming lovers. A young woman, stood within the train station, smart, yet casually dressed; messenger bag tucked neatly to the side; hair smooth; and holding the most beautiful, cropped bouquet of mixed roses.  Somewhat nervously she paced, shuffling from foot to foot whilst awaiting the arrival of her beau. The train, coincidentally the one I would be leaving Brightonia on, was the one that brought her love to her.

A call was made, the train came in, and she stole herself to where passengers would disembark. One couldn’t help but watch in anticipation…..what would the person be like? How would they react? At least, judging by the call, she hadn’t been stood up!

Through the crowds another young woman appeared, very casually dressed, bearing no visible gift, just a camera with which to take a photo of the welcomer holding flowers. Picture taken they hastily embraced and kissed. And kissed. And kissed again. It was heart meltingly perfect. Even my friend, who is nowhere near as romantic as I, couldn’t help but smile, tilt her head and remark, ‘awwww.’

I was in awe of the couple. No matter what happens in their futures, for that one moment in time, they were the happiest, most joyful they could be. When life gives you these treats; whether it is happening to yourself, or you merely have the pleasure of witnessing them; take the time to truly let the experience sink in. They are rare, they are brief, and they are the most beautiful things you can ever imagine.


A Ponderance

Is it really better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? 

So far, all that love has taught me is how to feel the most disappointed in life.  Of course, love has brought me happiness, but as with most things, including life itself, it has been only temporary. It prompts a pros and cons exercise.  We are all aware of both, but if we can’t be promised a forever love, wouldn’t we be better off having never known what love is?  While we have it, life has more meaning; more purpose; more joy.  There is no comparison – a life with love, togetherness, companionship, intimacy, a belonging, carries far more significance than a life alone.  That isn’t to say that singledom can’t be fulfilling, or indeed, freeing but it’s just not the same when coming home to an empty house as it is returning to a loving home.

When we love and lose it creates a void; irreparable damage.  Essential, it may be; character building, strengthening you could argue; but if we never loved, we’d never have that void; we’d never know the damage of a broken heart; we’d never truly know what it feels like to know what we’re missing.  Is that so bad?

If you could swallow that, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” pill, would you?  If losing love was so devastating that when offered the chance to wipe all previous relationship knowledge, would you seize that opportunity?  Would you opt to wipe the memory slate clean?  Or would you choose to accept the pain and fondly remember the good times, forever grateful to have at least had the chance to know how love feels?