Have You Truly Lived?

As there is never enough time to do all there is to do in life…..and you are only really accountable for the opportunities afforded you……if asked the question, “Have you lived?”  How will you know what to answer?  By what/whose standard is there to measure by?

I am, as yet, unmarried.

I don’t want to have children.

I haven’t seen the world/travelled.

I don’t date.

I underachieve, by my own standards.

I have dreamed.

I have never cheated.

I do not tell lies

Have I not lived?


I have loved.

I have worked.

I have overcome debt.

I have infrequently holidayed.

I have made people smile.

I have been a positive influence..

I have loved unrequitedly.

I have been generous.

I am loved.


Have I lived?


We can all presume we have many years left to live…..but if found on our death beds today……could you be satisfied that you lived to the best of your ability?  And if the answer is even a remotely curious, ‘no,’……………..what will you do about that?



One thought on “Have You Truly Lived?

  1. I liked this post a lot. I’ve lived that’s for sure and I’ve had to face death a few times in life so I hopefully won’t die with any regrets. Live today as though it’s your last – I tell myself this every morning for the last 8 years.


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