In Pursuit of Happiness



What is it that makes you happy?  Is it a combination of a variety of things?  i.e., Is it the love of your partner?  A smile from your kids?  A wink from a stranger?  A win at bingo?  Fitting into smaller jeans?  Surely these examples are just causes of momentary happiness; and if so, I must adapt my original question.  What is it that makes you truly happy?

It has to come from something deep within; a state of mind; an inner calm; a mental well-being; a life choice; an acceptance of self.  How does one achieve that when so much in life goes wrong?  How do you stay happy when your heart has been damaged, seemingly beyond repair, during your life?  How can you be happy when you work hard all throughout your career only to be made redundant and fail to regain the lifestyle you had become so accustomed to?  How can you stay happy when the person closest to you; your partner, parent, or child dies?  Do all these types of negative life events earn you the right to be bitter and unhappy?  Some cope, some fail to, but with or without these events, we still deserve to be happy.

I have been happy in my life, at times, but I don’t consider myself a truly happy person…..yet.  I am a definite Wednesday’s child and far too sensitive for my own good.  Maybe I’ve not had the opportunity to realise my full potential, or maybe my dreams are bigger than my reality is ever meant to be – if so, I am doomed to never find true happiness, let alone any amount of inner peace; that’s for me to work out for myself.  Happiness is certainly something to be envied.  Some seem to have it all….the marriage, the job, the lifestyle, the family…..and if you possess what it is that makes you smile everyday, don’t ever forget how lucky you are because, sometimes in life, luck runs out.  Take nothing for granted.

Music makes me happy.  Independence makes me happy.  My own head space makes me happy.  A random ‘touching base’ text makes me happy.  Love makes me euphoric.  To have love is to have all, in my opinion.

What if, for some, true happiness is only found in the arms of the one you love?  Is that so wrong?  Isn’t that what real love is supposed to do; lift you higher than you believed possible?  Of course, that is why it’s such a crushing blow when a relationship cracks.  Love is supposed to take you beyond any level of happiness or contentedness that you can achieve on your own.  If it didn’t enhance your life, or your happiness, what’s the point in having it?  It is important to find some way of being content and at peace with your own life; for some unlucky people, love constantly eludes them.

Me?  I was born to love – I had always believed that within love lies my truest, deepest happiness.  Yet if I am to be unlucky in love and remain alone; I shall just have to bestow all the bursting love in my heart to myself, my people and my cat; living life doing only the things I enjoy, striving to attain my pursuit of happiness,.


2 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Happiness

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  2. I believe knowing love and being kind is the key to life. Many kinds of love. We must be the safe place for our kids and a friend to a friend in need. A good life mean many friends and grand kids at your feet. Thank you for your thoughts on a important topic.


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