Pointless Inevitability of Love?


The problem with being a true romantic at heart is that despite the uninterested affront, the prospect of love is always an intense hope.  It’s the knowledge that although the reality of perfect love is a continuing myth, the hope of it is the fire that keeps burning deep within the ever withering recesses of the heart.

These days it seems that love is never enough.  How did we get to a time when love is not enough to keep two people together?  It makes no sense to me.  I have truly loved twice in my life.  I’ve blindly loved another (learning curve) and I’ve had the potential to love someone immensely so I realise the precious rarity of it.  I don’t find it easy to fall in love by any means so, when it comes, I assume it will develop into a beautiful, blossoming, fabulous sparkling mirrorball of a relationship.  And yet…not always.

So, ok, you split up, you bury the emotions, life goes on…but it’s hard not to let it chip away at you…so that next time you think you’ve found someone special, you don’t run a mile.

I normally always say, ‘Never again!’ when things go wrong, however, I think I may have got over the fear in recent years; the fear of being hurt; the fear of suffering a broken heart again, because even though the latest eventuality was a devastating disappointment to me, I don’t think that I’m afraid to try again with someone; should the opportunity ever arise, regardless of the apparently unavoidable tears.  There is still an all consuming love that I crave.

Though, I have to say, truly there is no greater love than the love you afford yourself, and in those times where love is never enough in the eyes of you or your partner, it can most certainly always be enough for yourself.

JG 28.11.11/17.10.13


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