Beside the seaside, beside the sea

Love is most definitely in the air.  Sitting on my spot on Blackpool prom every way I turn I see them; the loving couples, the kisses, the embraces.  There are families, dog walkers, coach loads of pensioners, tourists and locals alike.  Couples walk, holding hands, blissfully content on this sunny autumn day.  A man touches his partners face and looks at her so adoringly, before they kiss so gently, so tenderly; it warms my heart and I say to myself, ‘Now that’s what I’m talking about.’

I seem to spot the singletons far less than I do the couples.  Maybe that’s because the singles don’t frequent the prom, or maybe it’s because I’m so attuned to love that it’s what my eyes are drawn to most.  The prom is a romantic place to be after all.  The daytime lovers stroll, basking in the sunlight, the sound of the waves crashing below, the fun being had by all as far as the eye can see; the twilight meanderings along a wet tideless beach, the calm sea lit only by a strikingly bright moon; the promenade kiosks closed down, its families tucked up in bed, is now the perfect scene for couples entwined in loving embraces; kisses under the moonlight, a calmness, a serenity, a knowing that all is right with the world.

You may assume that there isn’t much romance for a singleton in such an environment, but you should reconsider.  I have walked along this prom with family, friends and former partners, daytime, night time; in total happiness and in absolute sadness.  I sit here now, by myself, a single woman, in the throes of changing my entire life, as I know it; a complete reinvention, and I can feel the romance in the air.  It surrounds me like a crimson shield, a heart shaped aura, inspiring me, comforting me, filling me with contentment, peace, joy, even if it is just in this moment.  This moment is mine, nobody can take it away, nobody can interfere.  This lovefest is only just beginning and it is enchanting.


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